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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Finally, a true tinted moisturizer...FOR REAL!!!!

I just can't say enough about this product!! First it is something that can work with all your existing products, it can be a true tinted moisturizer, and it was just named the most "Innovative Makeup Launch" by Refinery29's Beauty Innovator Awards. What is this magical product you is Custom Cover Drops by CoverFX!!

This product is so unique and can do so much. The idea behind it is that is is basically pure pigment. So what that means is you can drop a couple drops into your favorite product and you have your very own custom foundation. Now you may not think that is very innovative but let me give you the 411 on this. Let's say you love your current foundation but wish that it had a bit more coverage. All you have to do is put a couple drops of the Custom Cover Drops into it and now have a fuller coverage foundation.

I also mentioned you can have a TRUE tinted moisturizer. When you buy a tinted moisturizer, it should never take the place of your regular moisturizer. It is nothing more than word play. What those items are, are a more sheer foundation with a bit more emollience added. But now with these babies you can really have a tinted moisturizer!! Just drop one or two drops in your favorite moisturizer and have your own customized tint.

Something else that makes this so amazing is it is good for any skin type. No worries if you are like an oil slick or dry as a bone. Everyone can use these. And, you can mix it into just about anything; moisturizers, serums, primers, foundations, oil based products, water based products, silicone based name it!! Cover FX recommends one drop for sheer coverage, two drops for medium coverage, three drops for full coverage and four drops for total coverage. Two words of caution with this. First, SHAKE IT WELL! Because of the technology used in the delivery system of the pigment, you need to give it a good shake to make sure you are getting the pigment and not just the delivery system. Second, do not mix this with a pure physical sunscreen (titanium dioxide or zinc oxide). If you do it will just look very ghost like. That is not to say your product can't contain a bit of those ingredients, you just don't want to mix it with solely that type of ingredient.

As of now the drops come in 24 shades and are priced at $44. You can order them from the Cover FX website or stop in at Sephora to pick them up. If you do go to Sephora, get match by having them place a couple drops in a moisturizer and then blending it at your jaw line. Then PLEASE step outside and take a look. There is nothing like natural light to make sure you have the right color!!

It is a whole new world out there. I love this product and will be stocking it in my kit. If you have ever wanted something simple and fool can have it!!