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Friday, February 28, 2014

Cream Blush Product Review-Richmond Wedding Makeup Artist Aaron Ellerbrock BRIDEface Richmond

I am always on the hunt for products that I can use in my FACEing classes. Our clients love it when we can show them something new or different, or a product that can be used in multiple ways. So when I see a new cream blush, I almost always pick it up. Last week I can across Maybelline's Master Glaze.

The first thing that intrigued me was that is was in a stick form. Most of the cream blushes I have seen lately are in a pot or compact. The stick is nice because you can apply it directly to the face and do not have to mush your finger into a pot.

The second thing that I liked were the shades. Now mind you, there are only 6 at this point (2 pinks, 1 coral, 1 nude, 1 mauve, and 1 plum), but they are all unique in color (they don't all look the same) and they are very wearable shades.

So of course the question is how do they wear? Well I decided to give it a whirl on a client that I have been working with for years. There was a gala in her honor at the VMFA which I was also going to attend. It was the perfect opportunity to see, in person, just how the product wore throughout the night. I was quite happy with the results!

It applies very easily and most likely that it due to the shea butter. That is an emollient that not only has skin benefits but also allows for easy application and blending. The pigment level also seem quite high. Not so high that you will look like you have on war paint, but much more than the Maybelline Dream Bouncy which is much more sheer (a better fit for someone new to a cream blush). The color lasted on my client all night and when I looked back at photographs, I must say she looked AMAZING!! It was just the right amount of color.

One more benefit is that if you are in a hurry you can also use it on your eyes and/or lips. However, the biggest let down on this product is the amount of product. It is just a quarter ounce so this is not a product you will have for 6 months. But, I will say you don't want to keep creams as long as powders for hygiene reasons, so this might be a good size.

All in all I am impressed! I bought the "Make a Mauve" and have some extra bucks expiring from CVS today and plan to pick up a couple other colors. I am a sucker for a cream blush!!

This product review was written by Aaron Ellerbrock, Richmond, VA based makeup artist. He is the owner of BRIDEface Richmond, an award winning, on location makeup company that also offers FACEing classes to teach you how to feel more beautiful and confident!

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