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Monday, July 22, 2013

80's Glam Rock-Product Review by Makeup Artist Aaron Ellerbrock-BRIDEface Richmond

I am not necessarily advocating going back to the 80's when the likes of Joan Jet ruled how we wore our eye liner. As a matter of fact, I remember several of the girls in high school taking a lighter to their eye liner to make is soft and smudgeable before applying it to get that rocker look. But I do like to play sometimes with a retro-styled eye reminiscent of that era.

I recently came across the Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner by Nars. I picked it up in black but they have it in 15 different colors. What I wanted it to do was apply easily, have a TON of pigment, and stay put. I got all three things!! I am really impressed with how creamy the product is which makes it one of the easiest pencils to work with. The pigment is unbelievable. There is so much pigment it reminds me of the punk days back when Vivienne Westwood was making those wild outfits. And if you didn't know she was one of the originals in the Punk movement, try to get to the MET in NYC to see the exhibit...amazing!! And finally, it stayed put. Of course I applied it directly on the waterline, but also throughout the lash line and pretty "thickly" underneath the lower lash line. It did wear off a bit in the waterline but because the pigment is so intense, you couldn't really tell that had happened. The rest didn't budge. You will definitely need a good waterproof eye makeup remover to get this off.

Two other things to be aware of with this pencil are: 1-you can smudge it to get a very dramatic look but you will want to do it quickly. The nature if this eye liner is to stay put, so you have to work quickly if you want it smudged. 2-it is automatic!! I did not expect to have that bonus but just twist the tip and voila! But it gets better, they also give you a sharpener in the tip. So you can twist it to get more product but you can pull off the tip and get the creamy lead to a point again. The cost is not cheap at $24, but for the pay-off, it is worth it.

My score, is a 9! What do you think? Happy makeup-ing!!

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