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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

No more skimpy brows!-Product review by Aaron Ellerbrock, Richmond VA wedding makeup artist

I know many of my clients have always longed for big, bushy, Brooke Shields eyebrows. However, for some of them, no matter how long they go without waxing or tweezing, or how much Latisse they put in them, they have come to terms with the fact that it just was not meant to be. So those clients draw them in every day.
Now I have done it all with my brides; pencils, brow waxes, tinted brow gels, powders. Then I spotted this Prestige Brow Builder at Ulta and popped some on a recent bride.

The first step is a tinted gel that has little fibers in it. I used the taupey one. I noticed a gigantic difference in how this beefed up her brows as opposed to my beloved Anastasia tinted brow gel. I honestly don't think the clear coat did much other than seal it and make the hairs look a bit shinier, like hairs that have no product on them. I used NO pencil whatsoever. I have never been able to achieve this much definition from just one product. I am SOLD!

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